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About the Digitized Version

About the Web site: The Georgia Official and Statistical Register site is a project of the Digital Library of Georgia as a part of the Georgia Government Publications program (GGP). The Digital Library of Georgia has digitized the complete set of the Register, which is comprised of twenty-seven volumes dated 1923-1990 (approximately 28,000 pages). The Register has carried the following title variations through the years:

  • Georgia Official and Statistical Register, 1971-1990
  • Georgia's Official and Statistical Register, 1969-1970
  • Georgia's Official Register, 1923-1968

Creation of the Web site:The following Digital Library of Georgia staff contributed to the production of the Georgia Official and Statistical Register Web Site:

  • P. Toby Graham
  • Matt Hannum
  • Mandy Mastrovita
  • Christie Patterson
  • Jonathan Phillips
  • Zachary Smola
  • Susan Tuggle
  • Joanna Vass
  • Mary Willoughby

Publisher: The Digital Library of Georgia, University of Georgia Libraries, Athens, GA 30602

Date: 2007

Publication status: This title is published by the Georgia Secretary of State's Department of Archives and History.  Volumes used for digitization are part of the University of Georgia Libraries' Georgia government documents collection.  

Master image file details: 300 ppi, TIFF 4.0